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Dovetail Workwear Women's Freshley Overall-Natural Canvas

SKU: 191609

  • Slim leg. You asked for it! (Note: The leg on these overalls are slimmer from knee to cuff than regular Freshley.)
  • 13 pockets. For real.
  • Flex suspenders. Don�t get caught up.
  • Twine Hole™. Spool in. Pull out.
  • Hip Slot™. Just clip it.
  • Tool loop X 2. Hammer time X 2.
  • Reinforced front pockets. Double down.
  • Zip pocket. Don't lose your shit.
  • D-Ring clip. Hang on.
  • Reinforced knee. Don't blow it.
  • Articulated knee. Bend it like Britt.
  • Knee slot. Put a pad in it.
  • Tough cuff. Don't fray the hem.

    Style: DWF21O2C-251
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